How to add a MailPoet Form

he Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin comes with the support for MailPoet. 

That means you can easily show any form created with this popular plugin, and add it to your coming soon page.

How to add a MailPoet form

When you have the MailPoet plugin installed and activated, you will see a new module added to your Layout list.

  1. Just like you would do with any other module, move MailPoet from right to left in order to activate it
  2. Go to MailPoet settings, and choose a form you have created
  3. Click on the form name or the small Edit label below it
  4. Choose the preview button from the right-hand side menu

  5. From the Form Placement options, choose "Below Pages" option
  6. Enable the form to show on all pages
    After this, the form will automatically display on your coming soon page, on the location you selected via the Layout.
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