How to Create a New Theme?

Usually, creating new themes would require you to start a new page that you can later modify. With Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, creating a new theme is even simpler than that.

How to Add a New Theme?

  1. Go to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO
  2. Click on the Design settings page
  3. Start adding modules via the Layout
  4. Modify the visible modules to your likings
  5. Click "Save Changes" button on the bottom of the page
  6. Choose the name of your new theme

Your newly created theme can be always accessed by going to Themes -> User.

Can I Modify an Existing theme?

Yes, you can choose any of our premade themes and modify them.

What if you want to use a different page builder?

No worries! If you don't want to use the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode builder, you can always use 3rd party page builders or even write custom HTML.

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