Add Background Video

In modern times where the Internet connection speed is usually not an issue, having a video instead of an image could do wonders.

Before adding your own video background, check out some of our premade themes that comes with a video background:

How to Add a Background Video?

Instead of images and colors, you can select a video as your background.

Currently, only Youtube videos are supported. Video is automatically set to play muted and looped.

  1. Go to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Design -> Background
  2. Click the “Background Type” button and choose "Video"
  3. Copy the ID of a video from Youtube
  4. Paste the ID into "Background Video ID"
  5. Choose a filter if you want to
  6. Save changes

Background Video Filter

Just like with image backgrounds, you can apply an Instagram-like filter on a video as well.

That gives you an additional 27 versions of the same video, where you don't have to know anything about video editing. Simply select the Filter you like, and watch the video thumbnail change.

Mobile Video Fallback Image

Unfortunately, video backgrounds can't play on mobile devices

Instead of showing an automatically generated screenshot from Youtube, we suggest that you select a fallback image - an image that will be displayed instead of the video in all situations where video does not load.

This can be any image you want. If you want to keep the same style, you can create a screenshot from your video or go for an entirely different image that will fit smartphones and tablets better.

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