Export, Import & Reset Settings

Sometimes, you will need to reinstall the plugin or maybe even transfer the entire website. In cases where you would have to delete the plugin and lose settings, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO has got you covered. 

Also, in case you need a fresh start, you don’t have to manually bring each and every option back. You can just reset settings and everything will be exactly as it was after you installed the plugin for the first time.

Export Settings

To export settings, please:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Advanced
  2. Scroll down and click “Export Settings” button

The plugin will generate a text document with a unique name and date of creation. You will need this file when you decide to import settings back to the plugin (on the same or new domain).

All settings are exported except license details. You can safely transfer (export and then import) settings between different domains/sites.

Import Settings

When you decide to import settings, please:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Advanced
  2. Scroll down and find the “Import Settings” button
  3. Click the “Choose file” button and search for an export file (ie: comingsoonwp-com-2018-03-15-coming-soon-pro.txt)
  4. Select the file and click “Import Settings” blue button

All settings are imported and overwritten except for the license details.

Reset Settings

If you would like a fresh start, you can simply reset settings. Just navigate to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Advanced and scroll all the way down. Click the “Reset Settings” button.

Please note that by clicking the button, you will revert all settings (except license details) to their default values. There is no undo.

Reset Stats

If you want to reset only statistics collected by the plugin, click the button and confirm.

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