Subscribe Form Module

A coming soon page is a perfect way to announce something or showcase a product even before launch. More often than not, just showing information is not enough - you want to collect leads.

So, display a form on the page, and start collecting first subscribers.

You can configure technical details on the Autoresponder tab where you can connect MailChimp, Zapier, or any other Autoresponder.

Before you enable the module, make sure the form looks good. To help you with that, we added dozens of settings that allow you to change each and every part of the form without using code.

Email Field Placeholder Text

Make sure visitors understand what they need to write in this field. By changing the placeholder, your visitor will know what you want from them.

Subscribe Button Text

Change the text that’s displayed on the subscribe button. We suggest action words like new, now, limited, free, instant. Or just go for the classic “Subscribe”.

Show Name Field

It’s preferable to ask for a name as it gives you the option to personalize communication later on. If you would like to show the field, simply enable this option and the form will get an extra field.

Name Field Placeholder Text

If Show Name Field option is enabled, you will be able to change the placeholder text for it. Write something like “Name” or “Enter your name”.

Anti Spam Text

Write a text that will let your visitors know that you are not collecting their emails to spam them. Make it custom and personal.

Antispam Text Size

Choose the size of the Anti Spam Text. We suggest keeping it smaller than the rest of the text or at least make it less visible with a muted color.

Subscribe Button Position

The horizontal position of the subscribe button below the email field. It can go left, right, or center.

Messages Colors

Each response from the form can be colored. You can choose colors for:

  • Success Message Background
  • Success Message Text
  • Error Message Background
  • Error Message Text
  • Input Fields Placeholder Text

Customize Form Styles

If disabled, all form styles will be default (ugly) browser ones. Disable it if you plan on adding your own custom CSS to fully style the form.

Enable the option if you want to style the form. By enabling the option you will get the following options:

  • Input Text Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Input Background Color
  • Button Background Color
  • Input Focus Background Color
  • Button Hover Background Color
  • Input Border Color
  • Button Border Color
  • Input Focus Border Color
  • Button Hover Border Color

To change a color, simply click on the field and select a color from the color picker. If you want to make sure that some colors are the same, copy the color code (for example “215D3F”) and paste in another field. Don’t forget to save changes.

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