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Google Maps is a service that doesn’t require a special introduction. Everybody is using it – whether you’re searching for an address, local businesses, use it as navigation or simply trying to find the nearest pizza place or bar, Google Maps is your friend. 

So, if you’re running a local business, you just have to have your address displayed on a map.

Even when your site is under construction or you’re showing a coming soon page, you can still let your visitors know where to find you.

How to add Google Maps to your coming soon page?

Luckily, with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, you’re just a few clicks away from displaying a map:

  1. Please go to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Design -> Map
  2. Write the address (it can be a specific address or just a city name, for example)
  3. Choose the zoom level (where 0 shows the entire world, and 21 zooms all the way down to the street view)
  4. Select the height of your map (width is calculated automatically)
  5. Save changes

Google Maps API Key

Google dictates that every site needs a unique API key in order for maps to function properly. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this so please follow this guide to generate your key:

  1. Open Google Developers Console from this link
  2. From the dropdown list, choose “Create a Project”
  3. Click the “Continue” button and wait for a few seconds until Google prepares everything
  4. You will see “Add credentials to your project” title -> click the API key link
  5. Give your API key a name (for example “Coming Soon Key”), and leave “Key restriction” selected None
  6. Click on the Create button and copy your API key
  7. Go to your WordPress site -> Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Design -> Map
  8. Paste your API key and save changes
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