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Writing a quality copy will help your SEO and increase trust with visitors. Try writing a few sentences even for the most minimalistic pages.

How to Add Content to a Coming Soon Page?

  1. Go to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Design -> Content
  2. Use the standard WordPress Visual or Text editor to enter text content (write, add links, create lists, align the content…)
  3. Choose the font size – use anything from 6px to 50px
  4. Select the font color making sure the contrast is good. Whiteish text on a dark background is always a good pick
  5. Choose from over 700 Google Fonts

Be creative and write a sentence or two. Although the styling of your content won’t matter much to Google and other search engines, don’t just settle for the first font and color combination. Make the content easily readable and visually appealing. Styling will make a difference, so spare a few more minutes until you reach that sweet spot.

If you know your way around CSS, you can always open Advanced settings and style the content into details by entering custom CSS code.

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