Header Module

Header Module lets you write a headline. It should be short, big & bold. 

Whether it’s the name of your company, website or you just want to say your website is coming soon, the header should capture your visitors’ attention in just a few words.

If you style it to match your website and logo, you will have a perfect combination that your visitors will love.

How to Add and Customize a Headline?

  1. Please open Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Design -> Header
  2. Write your headline in the Header Text area
  3. Choose a font from more than 700 Google Fonts
  4. Choose its size in pixels; move a slider to select anything from 6px to 50px
  5. Select a color or write a hexadecimal number of the color you like
  6. Save changes

Get your creative juices flowing, and create the perfect header for your coming soon page. 

We suggest that you keep the header matched to the logo (its main colors) and the overall appearance of the page you’re designing. Take a look at our themes to get some ideas for your own headline.

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