Logo Module

If you're running a company or maintaining a brand, then you're familiar with the importance of the logo as a visual representation. Branding is important from day zero so make sure you display your logo properly on the coming soon page that you have started building.

Because of its importance, we have dedicated the entire module for setting up and displaying a logo.

How to Add a Logo?

  1. Open Settings -> Coming Soon -> Design -> Logo
  2. Click “Choose an image” button
  3. Select your logo from the Media Library or upload a new one

As soon as you select the image file that represents your logo, you will see its thumbnail on the Logo Module settings page. Don’t forget to put the logo module on the Page Layout list to make it active.

Maximum Logo Height

If the original dimensions of your logo aren't fitting for your preferences, you can quickly and easily change its size. Instead of resizing and uploading the image once again, you can change the height of the logo by moving the slider from left to right.

The minimum height you can set is 10px while the maximum is 300px. Width is calculated automatically to keep the aspect ratio intact. Default is 150px.

Logo Title

Write the title of your logo. The title won’t be displayed, but it will help you with SEO. Use the built-in SEO analyzer to check the quality of your title.

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