The background image makes or breaks the whole page. Usually, this image is the first thing your visitor will notice after opening a coming soon page. 

You can choose any image you want that will be displayed as a background, and hopefully, catch the attention of your visitors.

Take your time to choose a perfect image from our gallery of 1mil+ free images and then make it pop by using filters. If you don’t want to use a picture, we added an option that will let you select a background color instead. Or you can go for a video background as well.

Choose one of 1mil+ free images or upload your own.

How to Select a Background Image?

  1. Go to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Design -> Background
  2. Click “Open Images Gallery” button to select or upload an image
  3. Search for images on Unsplash or Depositphotos directly via the plugin, Media Library or upload one from your computer
  4. Save changes

Background Image Size

Once you have selected an image, you can change its size:

  • Auto – display image in original size
  • Contain – resize the image so it’s fully visible
  • Cover – resize the image to cover the entire screen in any resolution/device

Background Image Position

If defined, the position defines the screen and image corners that will be aligned. It works best with the “cover” size option.

Background Color

If you don’t prefer to use a background image, you can choose a color that will be used instead. Choose any color via the color picker or write/copy the hexadecimal number of the wanted color (ie. #fefefe)

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