Favicon & Social Preview Image

Favicon Image

Choose an image that will be used as a favicon (site icon). A favicon is displayed in users’ browsers, as well as in the bookmarks. Make sure the image is square (1:1 ratio). PNG will do just fine, about 64x64px. Don’t go over 256x256px.

Social Preview Image

Choose an image that will be used for social sharing. The image ratio should be 1:2. Facebook recommends 1200x630px or not smaller than 600x315px.

Please note that Facebook, Twitter, or other social media may still show your old social media image. In that case, you should wait a few hours before the image is updated on all social media sites, or you can manually purge the social media cache. To force Facebook to load your new image, please go to the Facebook Debugger, enter your URL, and click the “Debug” button. Check your site and info and scrape site information manually by clicking the “Scrape button”.

For Twitter, please open the Card Validator. Enter the URL of your website, and click the “Preview Card" button.

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