SEO Snippet Preview

Use the snippet preview to see what your page is going to look like on Google and other search engines. 

If you are about to have a coming soon page for a few weeks, or maybe even months, it is crucial that you prepare it well for search engines

This can help you rank your website even before the site you're working on is ready for the public.

Target Keyword

Write one or several words that you want to rank for. The plugin will use your keyword to measure how good the rest of your content is when it comes to SEO.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis will show you Good Results (green), Potential Improvements (yellow), and Problems (red) with your content. Once you write down the target keyword, title, and meta description, take a closer look at the analysis. After inspecting the results, you will be able to go through the content one more time and make it better for SEO.

Page SEO Score

As you change SEO settings on the page, the Page SEO Score will change. The goal is to reach as close to 100 points as possible.

SEO Title

Write a title for your coming soon page that will show up in search engine results (take a look at the snippet preview to see what it will look like). Recommended format: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword – Brand Name with length up to 60 characters.

Meta Description

Write a description of your page. It will be visible to search engines, but also to people who stumble upon your site in search results. Because of that, write for humans, not search engines! This text will invite people to click on your site on Google. The length should be 50 – 300 characters.

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